It is a rainy day in NYC and Rocco doesn’t want to get out of bed. Sheets by Brooklinen.


Who isn’t excited getting into a bed with crisp comfortable sheets and a cozy blanket?!?But who wants to spend $$$ on great sheets and bedding when the whole fur family shares a bed. I am guilty of sacrificing quality bedding because I knew it would be covered in dog hair, washed so many times it will pill, and be chewed by my puppy who often channels Satan.

I would always see ads around NYC for Brooklinen bedding and I was always curious. We then ordered a set and we are telling you they are a game changer! The Classic Hardcore Sheet bundle are comfortable, crisp, and so soft! These Brooklinen sheets do not attract dog hair (that is a big deal for this lady) like other cotton sheets do.  The sheets wash really well, the colors do not fade, and the sheets maintain their crispness. The Brooklinen website is informative on the proper way to launder the sheets to preserve their quality. I am also impressed how the company provides a very detailed explanation of the anatomy of their cotton sheets and this is what makes them different and stand out from their competitors.  I am a proud owner of two sets and I am planning on purchasing more!!!

Hound Authority loves to support local companies.  Brooklinen’s headquarters is located in Dumbo, Brooklyn, New York. I love how passionate and dedicated Brooklinen is about creating quality sheets that doesn’t break the bank. Brooklinen offers two type of sheet sets (Classic and Luxe), pillows, down comforters, and candles. Please check out Brooklinen’s products on their website .

Design Tips:

♥ Choose the color of the sheets that closely matches the color of your pet’s fur/hair. If your pet has a dark coat then choose a dark color or patterned sheet to camouflage the pet hairs in between washing.

♥ Another option to down comforters and duvets are coverlets and blankets. They are easier to wash, maintain, and helped with our dog’s allergies. We have multiple and switch them out on a regular basis. It is also a great and economic way to freshen up the bedroom. Just add some throw pillows and you have a whole new look!

♥ I am a big fan of natural fabrics. They feel good against the skin and the keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  Some natural fabrics are better than others when it comes to attracting dog hair.  Linen’s are my favorite but they have a big open weave that allows dog hair to stick. That is why I like cottons, they have a smaller weave which is hard for dog hair to stick.

Sheets – Brooklinen Classic Hardcore Sheet Bundle in Bedford Navy Stripe

Coverlet – West Elm



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