Nicholas the Artist


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Nicholas Madsen is a talented bojack (Boston Terrier/Jack Russell) who channels Picasso. He is a loving and sweet artist whose young life has been challenging from the beginning. Michelle Madsen rescued Nicholas from a puppy mill nine months ago and he is the only survivor in his litter. Nicholas has endured many health issues. Nicholas suffers from colitis and is on special dog food, he has had two cherry eye surgeries, and he has severe allergies. He is a sweet puppy who has struggled and dealt with so much but always stops to smell the flowers. Painting is his passion and an escape from his health issues.

Hound Authority and Michelle Madsen are teaming up to sell Nicholas’ art. All of the profits from the art will help curb the cost of his vet bills, special dog food, and his many expensive prescriptions. You will receive a picture of Nicholas and the painting in addition to the canvas. Pricing will be available upon request. If interested please contact who do you want to be contacted? Pricing will include shipping and handling. What type of payment do you want to receive? No refunds will be excepted.

Available Current Art for Sale:

USA/4th of July



Spring Flowers